Hawkhaven News


2020 hit us hard at Hawkhaven or I should say the end of 2019.

In October we lost our girl Taryn ay the age of 9 years and 4 months.  Taryn had come to us at 6 weeks old from Brenda Fairbanks in the US and had been a wonderful example of her breed, always gentle and kind.  We were still reeling from loosing Taryn when Gummi, Rachel's' Basset hound laid down in the sun and just went to sleep, she was almost 14 years old.  Again a huge hole in the heart, especially having to tell Rachel who was away at University.  Then November we lost our Taffy. she would have been 12 on the 8th December.  Again such a wonderful girl always loving and kind to everyone.  We lost her mother Cait when she was almost 11 years and Taffy's daughter Ginny is still like a puppy at over 7 years old.


2019 wasn't so bad though, our girl Dora gained her Grand Championship and Lucy's daughter Misty hit the show world and came home Champion in one and a half weekends.  Now in training Misty's litter sister Millie [they will be 2 at the end of August 2020]  and our newest addition 'Rogan'  born November 13th 2019 and bred by Brian Heide of Custud kennels.

More news to follow as the fun continues.










Cdn. Ch. Hawkhaven Merriment Tuck

Hawkhaven Merrimen Little John looking

after his twin girl charges.

Hawkhaven Merriment Loxley aka Floyd, watching over his rabbit charges.  Not all wolfhounds will do this.